How Working Mothers Can Outsmart Migraine Like a Pro

“The sooner you can attack the headache, the better. Whether you’re an actress or you’re a teacher, or you’re the postman, you have a job to do…and you can’t be shut down for two days because of a migraine.”


  • Jennie Garth, Actress


Migraine is a prevalent neurological disorder that has affected up to 39 million in the United States and around 1 billion in the world. Some stats show it’s the 3rd most prevalent mental health issue in the world. Individuals between the 18 to 44 age group suffer it the most.


Many studies show migraine is more common among women than men. In this context, Dr. Jessica Ailani, M.D. Director of the MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington D.C., says, “The big question for many moms with migraines is ‘How can I raise a child when it hurts just to raise my head?'”


Further, she answers that everyone should educate themselves on how to feel better. However, migraines do not have a reliable treatment available; thus, you may need to manage them with some slight change in your lifestyle.


The reason why migraines should be treated at the right stage is research showing working men complaining about avoiding family gatherings and lacking quality time with their kids due to migraines. Fortunately, there are promising ways to overcome it and live a normal life. Here’s how –


#1 – Know what triggers you – Migraine can be brought on by many minor things like – a rose scent, seeing a glass of red wine without ice, or so on. Different barometric pressure changes are leading to migraines. The worst part is ‘migraine brains’ are ultra-sensitive, which means the sufferer gets triggered easily. Thus, it’s necessary to know what triggers your migraine and avoid it at all times. The fundamental goal should be to keep your mind and soul relaxed.


#2 – Share it with your family and kids – Sometimes, migraine pain makes people behave outrageously. And this can put a question mark on your social behavior, overall conduct with your family, friends, kids, and colleagues. Therefore, it’s a good idea to share your health problems with everyone you get in touch with. This is likely to get you more help from everyone around.


#3 – Go for weed – Many of you may see this suggestion with wary eyes. But those who have experienced it can tell its perks. Weed has some medicinal properties which fight back different mental health issues like anxiety, migraine, etc. For the maximum benefits, ensure you buy weed online from a reliable store. This intense medical strain is loaded with many other bodily benefits to promote overall well-being.


#4 – Meditate – This is the easiest and most effective solution to eliminating migraines from your life. Meditate for at least 1 hour a day to see progressive results in your health.



The last line –


Migraine may be yet another form of headache, but it takes no time to hamper your entire lifestyle and overall well-being in minutes. This pain type is usually unbearable, making it worse to handle its consequences. Thus, it’s wise to find an effective solution to it.










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