How to Create a Relaxation Video For Your Baby – Top 5 Effective Tips For Mommies


Not all babies fall asleep equally well. There are mothers who don’t face problems with bedtime. Still, most babies have difficulty falling asleep. And despite the fact that many know, understand, and even can explain to anyone that this complexity is due to the peculiarities of the baby’s nervous system, the process of laying them down is able to arrange a serious test of the mom’s nervous system.


How can you help your baby to relax and fall asleep as soon as possible? One option is a relaxing video for children that helps them calm down and close their eyes. And how to do it, read below.


Tip #1 – Use High-Quality Images of Soft Colors

As a rule, relaxing videos for babies are made as slideshows consisting of a set of thematic images of drawn characters or cartoon animals that smoothly go one after another. Such video clips can help a viewer create a special atmosphere without disturbing them. A quality slideshow can only be made of quality materials. The simplest rule for creating a high-quality picture is that its resolution should not be lower than the video resolution. With CyberLink PowerDirector, you can create videos up to 1080p; it is only necessary to make sure that the picture you select matches the target quality.


Besides that, the shot you pick should have muted soft colors. Obviously, the bright screen of gadgets together with juicy images leads to the excitement of the nervous system. So sleep will be disturbed, and the baby will begin to sleep off at a different time. Such a failure of the cycles of day and night is clearly not good.

Tip #2 – Set a Suitable Speed

The time each slide is displayed is very important for the success of a relaxing video. If this duration is very short, it will be difficult for the baby to concentrate. If the slide is displayed for too long, they may get irritated. Research data suggests that the ideal slide display time is 4-10 seconds. This means that you probably do not want to use more than 15 slides in a one-minute slideshow video.


It is also recommended that the tempo of the transition is matched to the tempo of the background music. Suitable music for a baby’s video is soft, so you may slow down the transitions. If needed, you can even make all the transitions between animation frames perfectly synchronized with the rhythms of the background music with the Magisto program.

Tip #3 – Select the Right Music

Music is a unique form of art that is available to everyone, without exception. Even babies understand it because music is feelings and emotions. Calm and quiet relaxes, rhythmic lifts the mood, fills with energy. Moreover, according to research, the human brain perceives melody sounds with two hemispheres at the same time, which has a positive effect on thought processes. It is not surprising that melodic lullabies have come to us from ancient times. Mothers subconsciously feel that music not only helps children fall asleep but also promotes the development of babies.


Choose calm lullabies, music from Disney cartoons, piano, or saxophone. There are many services on the Internet that provide children’s relaxing music.


Tip #4 – Make a Video Look Elegant

Simplicity is the key to elegance, which is especially true about relaxation videos. Below are some tips to help you make your video more elegant, just like Calm Sleep Stories on YouTube:


  • Don’t include unnecessary objects in your images.
  • Try to avoid using too many colors.
  • Create your own style.


If you are planning to post your video for other mommies, then you should develop your own style that will become a part of your image. That is, any user who has watched your first video can understand that it is you just by taking a look at the second video clip you post. A general style for videos can be built in a variety of ways, and here are a few examples.


  • Use the same background colors.
  • Use a consistent color tone.
  • Add your logo to every frame.
  • Apply a consistent frame type for all footage.


As a rule, professional video editing software can help you with all the manipulations above in a couple of clicks.

Tip #5 – Forget About Previous Tips And Record Yourself


The best option for a baby is to see mom on the screen. You can dance with calm movement, captivating your child’s attention, or, of course, sing their favorite lullaby.


Record a video set of different songs one day with a laptop screen recorder for free and see which video works the best. This way, you can leave your little one with a tablet or laptop and do a little business while they falls asleep.

Final Say or What else makes a baby fall asleep?

  • The calm state of the mother, the environment gives a feeling of safety to the baby.
  • Well ventilated area, open window.
  • Motion sickness. Many children find it easier to fall asleep even after a year if you take them in your arms and just walk slowly; for relief, you can use different devices for carrying children depending on age (sling, backpack). In a half-sitting position, leaning against the pillows or the arm of the bed, you can take the child in your arms and sway your whole body).
  • Singing a lullaby yourself. It is better to sing in a calm, low, boring voice. Or just chant a phrase.
  • Skin-to-skin contact.
  • Breathe so that the baby can hear you, but do it slowly: inhalation is 2-3 times shorter than exhalation.
  • You can add decoctions of soothing herbs to the bath, use aromatic oils that are suitable for you and your baby.

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