Best Car Insurance Advice Young Drivers Can Rely On

If you are a young driver or have one in your family, you need to think beyond safe driving. Of course, newbies have to be extra conscious behind the wheel, but insurance is equally important. Car insurance for young and inexperienced drivers tends to cost more. It means you have to ramp up your budget when your teen hits the road. At the same time, you can do your bit to economize your policy. A little research can take you a long way with savings, so it is worthwhile to know your facts. Here is the best car insurance advice that young drivers and their parents can rely on.

Opt for the right car

The choice of the vehicle can make a difference to your insurance bills. Ideally, you must choose a safe vehicle with factory-installed security features and specifications. It enables you to stay safe on the road and steer clear of theft risks. New drivers are a lot more comfortable when they have these basics covered. Some hybrids are cheaper to insure. Invest time researching the premiums on different vehicles before buying one for your teen.

Get insured on parents’ policy

It is a good idea to let your teen drive your car as an occasional driver rather than buying their own vehicle first. You can add them to your policy and save a fortune on premium. The best part is that the newbie can gain experience on an old vehicle and even build a coverage history. When they buy a car down the line, the premium cost will run much lower with a good history.

Bundle family policies

No-fault insurance is ideal for young drivers as it ensures quick claim payouts after a mishap. It may cost a little more, but you can bundle family policies to cut down the cost. You can Learn more about no fault car insurance as well as get a quote from different providers. Comparing quotes is a good idea, and opting for a provider that offers insurance bundles is even better.

Take driver training

Taking up an accredited driving course is a good idea for newbies. It makes you more confident behind the wheel. Moreover, some insurers offer a premium reduction for trained drivers. Make sure you pick an approved course in your province. Each province has unique requirements for driver’s licenses, and an approved training course can help you get your license too.

Maintain a clean driving record

The best piece of advice is to drive safely and maintain a clean driving record over the years. The benefits extend beyond personal safety and reduce premiums too. Ensure that you steer clear of distracted driving, avoid drinks and drugs, and have no convictions on your record. Maintaining a good record with timely payments of your insurance bills also cuts the premium down the line.

New drivers and parents need not worry about paying massive insurance premiums. Just following these tips can save a lot. But make sure you do not skimp on insurance coverage even as you save.




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