The Best Work at Home Jobs 2022

According to the Owl Labs research, 16% of companies worldwide are fully remote. This study also shows that 62% of people work remotely at least partially, and the percentage is constantly increasing. Thanks to cloud computing, authentication apps, and programs like Skype and Zoom, millions of workers can stay at home but remain productive and active. Actually, many types of work can be completed remotely as efficiently as from an office.


In this guide for working moms, lagom fans, and everyone who wants to find a perfect work and life balance, we will discuss the most popular remote jobs, as well as how to find the best vacancies.


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Industries friendly to remote workers

There is still a common misconception that it is possible to work remotely only if your occupation belongs to the digital field. But we are ready to dispel the myth by introducing you to the most popular industries. Look how diverse they are: you can make a podcast, become an online doctor, or hold coaching sessions. Here are the options that you have:


  • Information technologies. More and more tech companies close offices and become fully remote. This saves lots of resources, allows finding the best employees abroad, and doesn’t affect productivity.
  • Medical services. Both small companies and health giants like Humana and CVS Health have remote vacancies for medical transcriptionists, insurance representatives, and even online doctors.
  • Writing and editing. This industry is flooded with vacancies that don’t require being in the office from 9 to 5. For example, writers, journalists, bloggers, and review writers. You can also edit and proofread academic papers, books, and other materials.
  • Design. Web and graphic design, photography, and hand-made production are only some of the most popular creative occupations that can be done online. And to get started, YouTube tutorials are enough.
  • Marketing. Social media marketers, marketing consultants, SEO consultants, customer service representatives, and data analysts have been working remotely even before the pandemic and prove that it is a great industry.
  • Audio and video. Content creators and video editors are among the most demanded remote workers, and the success of visual content proves that these occupations won’t go anywhere.
  • Teaching and tutoring. You can transfer knowledge at any time, plan your schedule, and have enough time for personal matters.


Remote jobs to consider

Here are 10 ideas for those who want to work from home and make one step to the life of their dreams.

  1. Translator

Let us open our list of the work from home jobs with translation. If you are fluent in at least two languages, are attentive to detail and plodding, becoming a translator is a great option. On average, they earn $25 per hour, and if the subject is too complex or narrow (for example, medicine or chemistry), you can easily make $50/hour and more

  1. Travel agent

If you constantly watch YouTube travel videos, love adventures, and enjoy helping others, consider becoming a travel agent. Help clients organize the journey by booking flights, hotels, and trips. Advice activities and tours, and take a fixed commission or percentage from every sold tour. Being a remote agent gives a unique opportunity to feed the travel bug without a need to work from an office.

  1. Social media manager

Millions of entrepreneurs worldwide struggle to market a small business through social media. They want to become visible, and there is no better way than to hire a professional SMM specialist. A full-time manager earns around $50,000 per year while part-time workers – $15 per hour. Their main responsibilities are growing brands, managing advertising campaigns, and creating content plans. Mastering such tools as Sprout Social, Zoho, and Loomly will be a plus.

  1. Writer or editor

There is a huge number of occupations where you can show yourself as a writer or editor. According to Payscale, freelance writers make $24 per hour depending on the skillset, experience, and niche. You can write business content, create reviews, proofread and edit someone else’s copies, or even help to make a podcast or TV show. Such a job will never be boring.

  1. Vlogger

Top vloggers on YouTube earn millions of dollars a year by creating good-looking and interesting videos. If you are creative enough and don’t mind mastering a few programs and devices, this occupation can bring you good money and recognition. But the key to success lies in constant improvement and usage of professional instruments. For example, with the help of WeVideo, Fastreel by Movavi or ClipChamp you can make, compress, merge, loop, and convert videos, as well as use a broad database of good-looking templates.

  1. Virtual assistant

Many businesses hire remote virtual assistants to perform day-to-day duties. For example, managing schedules in Google Calendar and Calendly, answering emails, inserting data, and booking tickets. To become a virtual assistant, an academic degree is not necessary, but you should be responsible, stress-resistant, attentive to detail, and flexible. Virtual assistants usually earn around $15 per hour

  1. Website tester

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of web testers in the US is $62,453. You can also be an independent tester and get paid for every test. This option is great for students, parents, and part-time workers. Your main responsibility as a website tester is to make sure that the platform is easy to use and friendly to visitors. Register with several testing websites to get a stable number of orders

  1. Customer service representative

While workers in the customer service field are not paid as well as IT specialists or life coaches, this occupation may be great for students without any experience or those who are switching careers. Customer service representatives should have good computer skills, clear language, patience, and attention to detail. This occupation allows working flexible hours, so you can always find the most suitable schedule.

  1. Online teacher

It is not a secret that school and college teachers are underpaid. But if you have a solid knowledge of a subject and love teaching, there is an opportunity to enjoy the occupation and earn good money. Those who don’t want a typical schedule and prefer working remotely should consider teaching online. And with the help of Zoom and Skype, it is very easy to organize the process. You can search for teacher and tutor jobs on specialized websites or even start your own course.

  1. Software developer

One of the top ways of making money remotely is becoming a software developer. Millions of IT specialists create the software from their home offices, earn six figures a year, and are in huge demand. You can write code in such languages as Python, Java, C++, C#, and Kotlin, work for huge corporations or startups, or develop a product yourself.

Final thoughts

Despite its challenges, we are living in a great time. A time when even a doctor can work from home and dedicate much time not only to the career but to the beloved ones, traveling around the world, and making good money.

However, when searching for vacancies, be attentive. There are many scammers who want to trick you out of money. To remain on the safe side, search for work on reliable platforms like LinkedIn or Upwork and always double-check the information on several websites.





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