Parenting Stress For Single Moms- How To Stay Sane

Raising a child alone is challenging for women. It can lead to mental stress, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, solo parenting can be nerve-wracking for working moms. They not only have to take care of their kids but also handle a lot of work pressure. But thousands of Canadian women are dealing with the situation. The good thing is that most of them know the secrets of handling the challenges and staying sane. Let us share their advice that can help you cope with the stress of being a single mom.


Remember that you are not alone

You are not the only parent who is looking after your child alone. Many Canadian parents are doing it single handedly while managing both their personal and professional lives. If you find yourself in a mismanaged and tough situation, you can join online communities or read blogs for some helpful tips. Moreover, your friends and family are there for you, and it is good to ask for help when you need it.


Maintain a routine

Maintaining a routine will help you handle the day’s tasks effortlessly, no matter how hectic they seem. Make sure you have a dedicated plan with specific tasks including, cooking, spending time with kids, house chores, and office work. Many people like using a planner or Bullet Journal to record schedules and goals.  Keeping a realistic timetable will help you be disciplined and energized all day. A realistic timetable will help you be disciplined and energized all day. It will also bring a positive change in your life as you feel more in control.


Give yourself some free time

Amid the hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to take some time out to relax. But if you want to take good care of your child, you need to take care of yourself first. Plan out some time to exercise, watch good movies, read, or visit a salon. You should also integrate some activity to stimulate your brain with mind-exercising games 


Be financially independent

Being a single parent is not an easy task. Divorce can be expensive, so it is better to be financially independent to tackle the expenses effectively. Eliminate useless spending and pick a side hustle for extra earnings. Make a budget and keep your expenses in check. You can even research articles or watch videos online to save money on clothing, groceries, school supplies, and much more.




Meditation is one of the best ways to remain sane while taking care of your kids as a single mother. Make it an integral part of your life to unwind and rejuvenate. Take out at least ten minutes from your schedule for deep breathing exercises and meditation to see a noticeable change in your life. With time, you will become calmer and more composed to handle challenges better.


Keep calm and make it easy for yourself and your kid to cope with the sudden change in life. Find ways to curb stress and build a small and beautiful world for your children. Life is about ups and downs, but struggles do not last long. Take care of yourself and bounce back to achieve your dreams!



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