When we were young, the best we could hope for to preserve a document was to find a way to print it out on a dot matrix printer and wrap it in a plastic report cover with slide-on binder. How times have changed, and for the better when it comes to productivity both on a personal and a business level.  One of the challenges that can continue to occur when people opt to utilize a variety of formats for documents is consistency but as long as you’re armed with the best know-how and tools to tackle it all, you’re way ahead of the game.


Both formats have their strong attributes and both are relevant in various communication atmospheres.

PDFs offer fluid solutions when transferring files as they can be easily compressed to a size that is easy to share and they offer fully interactive solutions for presentations including secure data, , embedded attachments and hyperlinks. They provide a seamless flowing document that can be flipped by pages or simply scrolled through fluidly which can be advantageous for the purposes of a presentation.   PDFs also offer significant security factors as they cannot be readily edited and have low risk of carrying viruses or any sort of malware and such can be password protected and encrypted for enhanced security for both parties.  With so much information being transmitted globally, this factor has become increasingly more important to businesses around the world so information remains where it is meant to be shared.

PPTs, or Power Points, are visual stunners and carry significant impact, with the ability to integrate brilliant visuals and multimedia aspects such as photos, sounds and interactive videos. They are a highly collaborative tool, as when shared, allow each user to be able to edit as needed. Malleable solutions ensure that everyone has access and can contribute, in a working environment that we are facing today with a high degree of remote employees, being able to share and collaborate from different locations is key.    Everyone can contribute, change, add and save multiple versions that can be referred back to.  They also offer a high degree of functionality, such as customizable or pre-designed backgrounds and layouts that are pleasing to the viewer, templates that are easily integrated, and plenty of suggestions on style to inspire new looks and feels.  What’s more, Power Points are utilized for a variety of options beyond presentations such as resumes, marketing documents, posters, flyers, brochures and more.

However, Power Points can require a vast amount of space as they can be extremely heavy at times and challenging to transmit or share.


Presentations continue to be a huge factor in any student or business person’s life and we’re so accustomed to Power Point and PDF but what happens when we have to either merge the two or extract information from one to add into another?  What happens when say one version appears better on a Zoom call for a presentation than another and you don’t know how to convert  PDF to Powerpoint?  Must we reinvent the wheel?  The good news is absolutely not…there’s an easy way by utilizing an easy-to-access tool from Adobe that makes the conversion process simple, smooth and interchangeable.


Though PDFs provide security within a document, it can be challenging to feel as though the material cannot be accessed or easily melded into another format.  The best way to begin to understand easily how to convert PDF to PPT is to work with Adobe.   Easily the leader in the business with fantastic tools that help ease the challenges of working with documents that seem un-editable on the surface by brining teams a solution where everyone can take part and share in the build process.


Adobe’s tools make it a 1-2-3 process, smooth as can be. Take the case of PDF to PPT, simply check this out as a starting point and voila, you are on your way.  Upload your PDF and in a few steps, you have a Power Point version that’s entirely malleable to your specific needs.  You can utilize this tool with any web browser you choose, and it ensures that the integrity of the document remains intact. No elements lost, everything exactly the way that you need it to be able to proceed forward and customize.

Flexibility, freedom and most importantly, fast. Use the tools you’re given to be even more productive moving forward.





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