Being a mom means being busy and 10x as much when school is back in session.  Lunches, snacks, meal prep, shopping- the list goes on and sometimes when things are hectic, trying to keep it healthy becomes even tougher.  I got this curious box sent to me recently from Healthy Me Living and I was immediately intrigued…all I knew was that it was healthy intent but when I took a look and then had a taste (more important, when I gave a few choices to my daughter), I was surprised.


Surprised about the variety, the new products with their enriching and good-for-you nature and most of all, the taste.  It was all something different whether crunchy, sweet or savory.  I loved the variety and when something is just set to arrive without you having to think about it, you feel ahead of the game especially if it’s a feel good product.


The boxes are adorable, colorful and most importantly, full of product hand-selected by the founder, a certified health coach and mom of 2 girls of her own that also struggled with the same endless search for healthy snacks. So, she solved the problem and I kind of love her backstory too. She knew kids didn’t have access to too many healthy grab-and-go options at school so she approached the District Food Director about adding a healthy vending machine in the cafeteria and she got it approved. Then, she made it happen on a larger scale with another machine, and then more machines in fitness studios until she turned it into a national option with the subscription boxes.  Amazing work.


It honestly was just one thing less I had to worry about for lunch snacks, bites in between running from activity to activity, or quick after school noshes that didn’t spoil dinner.  One to watch, one to try out.  Plus, Mogul Mom members get 10% off of their entire order with coupon code MOGULMOM10 .  Check them out on  www.healthymeliving.com



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