Add Us To Your Safe Senders List

An increasing number of email clients have begun implementing stronger spam blockers. This can affect the delivery (and display) of the messages we send to you.
To ensure that you’ll always receive our emails and that they won’t be remanded to your junk folder or marked as spam, it’s highly recommended that you add our email address to your address book or safe list.

Here’s how to do that:


• Drag any email from us to the Priority tab, or…

• Open any email from us
• Click: More Options (upper right hand corner of the message)
• Click: Add Sender to Contacts List (in the header of the email)
• A confirmation message will display above the email

AOL 9.0

• Open any email from us
• Click the ‘Add Address’ icon to add to the ‘People I Know’ list
• Verify our contact information

AOL Webmail

• Click: Addresses tab (upper right corner of the Mailbox window)
• Click on the New drop-down menu
• Select: New Contact
• Add: [email protected] in the Screen Name field and click: Save


• Open your Address Book
• Click: Add
• Locate the ‘Internet Information’ box
• Enter [email protected], then Save


• Open any email from us
• Right click our email address
• Select: Add To Address Book
• Verify our contact details and Save


• From the mail screen, click: Address Book tab
• Add: [email protected]
• Click: Quick Add

Mac Mail

• Open any email from us
• Right-click on the sender’s email address
• Click: Add to contacts (in the short-cut menu)
• Click: Save and Close

Microsoft Outlook Express 6+

• Open any email from us
• Right click: Our name (the sender’s name)
• Click: Add to contact
• Click: Save and close

Microsoft Outlook 2003

• Open any email from us
• Choose: Actions (from the toolbar)
• Choose: Junk Email from the dropdown menu
• Select: ‘Add Sender to Safe Senders List’
• Verify that our contact information is correct, then click: OK

Microsoft Outlook 2007

• Click: Options (on the Tools menu)
• Click: Junk E-mail (on the Preferences tab)
• Choose: Safe Senders or Safe Recipients tab, and click: Add
• Enter [email protected] and click: OK

Mozilla Thunderbird

• Open the Address Book (make sure your Personal Address Book is highlighted)
• Click: New Card
• Add [email protected] under the Contact tab, and click: OK


• Click: Settings: Email/Junk Mail (on the bottom left)
• Click: Junk Email Guard
• Choose: Safe List
• Select: Add People To The Safe List
• Add [email protected], then click: Add

Earlier Versions of MSN

• Click: Email Settings
• Click: Junk Mail
• Choose: Safe List
• Click: Add An Item To This List
• Add [email protected], then click: Add


• Open your inbox
• Click: Options
• Choose: Block Senders tab (towards the top of the screen)
• In the space where it says, “Enter e-mail address or sub domain to always accept even if the domain is blocked”, add: [email protected]

Window Live Hotmail

• Open your mailbox
• Click: Options (top right)
• Click: Junk Email Protection
• Choose: Safe List
• Enter [email protected]
• Click: Add, then click OK

Yahoo! Mail

• Open any email from us
• Click: Add To The Address Book
• Enter [email protected]
• Click: Save Contact
• In the top row, locate the ‘From Headers’ and make sure ‘Contains’ is selected in the dropdown
• In the text box, add address: [email protected]
• At the bottom, (where it says ‘move messages to’) select Inbox from the dropdown menu
• Click: Add Filter

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