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***We just sold our 400th copy this year!***

How do you get great publicity without breaking the bank? Get Famous is your ticket to the big time. 

If you’re like most people, you think that publicity is only for celebrities or big companies with the big budget for a publicist.

But guess what? Publicity is for everyone and if you have the time, the desire and the know-how, YOU can get the publicity that will build your brand and increase your sales, without spending a ton of money.

It all starts with Get Famous where we teach you the same strategies we used to get into O Magazine, Fitness, American Baby, Working Mother, Oxygen, Entrepreneur, Parenting, Women’s Running,, Fox Business News, and Access Hollywood.

Get Famous: The Guide to Getting Great Publicity On A DIY Budget is just $27


In Get Famous you’ll learn:


    • 5 Things You Should Know About Publicity


    • Why Publicity And Advertising Are NOT The Same


    • 5 Steps From Start To Pitch


    • 3 Things You Need To Seize Every Media Opportunity


    • How To Tweet Your Way Famous


    • How To Help A Reporter Out (HARO) And Help Yourself To Publicity


    • 5 Steps To Creating A Perfect HARO pitch


    • How To Create and Schedule 12 Months Of Fame Using Editorial Calendars


    • How To Pitch Perfect In 13 Steps


  • 10 Real Life Proven Pitches That Worked

You’ll receive the 46 NOW 72-page ebook that contains:

    • Where To Find A Media Opportunities Goldmine


    • How To Use Twitter For Media Opportunities


    • How To Build Your Media Campaign Using Editorial Calendars and much more


    • Media Campaign Tracking Sheet Like The PR Pros Use


  • 10 Real Life Pitch Samples (that really worked!) For You Use- Just Switch & Pitch


When you’re finished with Get Famous, you’ll be able to:


    • Find a media opportunities goldmine using a service you already subscribe to


    • Use Twitter to find media opportunities fast


    • Build your own media campaign using the same tools the pros use


    • Seize every media opportunity that comes your way


  • Get great publicity without spending countless hours + thousands of dollars on it

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What Others Are Saying About Get Famous:

“Get Famous” Works!! I’m writing to thank you for creating the ebook “Get Famous”! I purchased it a while back and when I wanted to do a little DIY PR for my new Mom & Baby brand, One Rich Lifestyle, I referred to this book to help me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read other material and was still confused about how to pitch to the media. Your book is practical, clear, and easy to follow the steps that you have outlined. Not to mention you provide examples of pitches that lead others to get features. Well, following those examples I’ve gotten featured too! It’s so exciting to know I did it myself! My brand has been featured on numerous blogs and my vegan nail polish for Mom & Baby was featured in Hollywood swag bags for Emmy nominees! I’m so excited for future publicity and its all due to your book! I’m truly happy I stumbled across ‘The Mogul Mom’ and subscribed to your newsletter. The information every week is so valuable! I could go on and on, but just know that your resources for women and mom entrepreneurs like myself is awesome! – Shanda Cadet

“Shout out to Get Famous. Just got an email from Baby & Kids magazine – they want to feature the Push Pack in their baby shower gift ideas article!” – Laura Magu, Push Pack

“Just had to share… I bought your “Get Famous” ebook today off the website. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! It has refueled me and I am loving these great tactics that I would have never known about! I consider myself an experienced facebooker, twitter-er, etc. but this book offers some really informative material! Thank you!!!” -Kelli, Pink Lemonade Company

“This is a MUST have for any serious business owner who wants to learn how to do their own PR. It’s a small investment for the MAD SKILLS you will learn.” -Kathy, Little Stinker

“The information about writing a pitch and the different sites you listed to find journalists = GOLD! Thank you so much!” -Linsay, Busy Mom Boutique

“If you need to learn about PR, get this guide. Thanks to these tips, I got my media kit up and first press release out.” -David, Sparky Firepants

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