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The 2nd Edition is here ~ Revised and expanded for 2017! Now with a 21-page companion workbook.

So you have this incredible product that you’ve created and you want to sell the heck out it and see it on store shelves everywhere, right?


But where do you start? Especially with so much at stake, and when you don’t always get a second chance to make a first impression?

Based on real life success stories, this truly is the definitive guide to getting your product on store shelves quickly and effectively.

Inside you’ll find everything you need to know to get your product retail ready.

Things like:

    • How to research prospective retailers to learn more about them and how to use that information to improve your odds of being picked up


    • Exactly what retailers look for in a new product line


    • Retailer do’s, don’t’s, and how to make things easy for them


    • What retailers need from you before carrying your product


    • How to present and pitch your item to retailers to make them really want to buy it


    • How to set your pricing and minimums


    • Ideas for incentives that’ll make carrying your product irresistible


    • How to set your entire website up to be wholesale friendly


    • Determining your point of difference so wholesalers know what makes your product unique and special


    • How to speak wholesale – a glossary of all the lingo you need to know


  • and lots more…

The Get Retail Ready eBook has been one of the most sound investments we have ever made as a company! It not only breaks down each and every concept you would ever need to know, and how to effectively implement them into your business model; be it a start up, or an existing brand, it does so with vigor and in such a concise format. You can seamlessly integrate the area your business is currently working towards and use it as a guide to ensure you are on track. The companion guide is such a tremendous help with the sample forms provided, it essentially removes any and all guess work out of what a potential retailer would ask of you. We cannot say enough wonderful things about this course! Grace Within Me

GET RETAIL READY NOW and you’ll receive:

A 91-page digital guide and a separate 21-page companion guide. Together they contain all the training, tips, and tools you need to get your product onto store shelves, including:

    • A wholesale pitch template to help you pitch your product to retailers professionally


    • A tracking sheet to help you keep track of your wholesale pitches


  • Sample media kits, line sheets, brochures, invoices, order forms, templates, and worksheets you can use to streamline your entire process:

Sample Forms inside Get Retail Ready | The Mogul Mom

You’ve worked hard. It’s time. Don’t let your competitors beat you to the punch.

For $37 you’ll have absolutely everything you need to know to be retail ready in your hands in a matter of minutes.

Are you ready to start seeing your product in retail stores?

Grab BOTH guides for $37 now:

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