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At long last it’s ready! We just launched The Mogul Mom’s first ever course, Get Started. It’s got everything you need to know to make the leap from mom to entrepreneur – all in one singular place. No more money to spend. No more contradictory information. Just… this.

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Here’s just some of what’s inside:


Module 1 | Gaining Momentum

• An introduction to mompreneurship and a warm welcome

• Who we are and why we’re qualified to help you through all of this

• Understanding your ‘why’ on a much deeper level

• How to take all those ideas and distill them down into the one that will work best for you

• How to define success on your own terms

Module 2 | 25 Questions

When it comes to starting and running a successful business, we know our stuff. Between the two of us we currently own 6 businesses and have more than 4 decades of combined online and related business experience. We put our heads together and came up with this list of 25 of the most essential questions all aspiring business owners need to ask themselves before getting started. Topics include:

• Your unfair advantage

• Your business model

• Business structure and legalities (LLC? Sole Proprietorship? Corporation? (Plus a free tool to help you decide)

• Where to house your business

• Hiring employees or not?

• Taxes (and other unfun stuff)

• Figuring out what to offer, how to price it, and where to sell it, and lots more.

Module 3 | Barriers To Entry

This section is a pre-emptive strike against anything that threatens to derail your progress out of the gate. It will help you identify a host of potential things that may present challenges to you before you begin so you can address them and move past them without stumbling.

• What to do if you have a small niche

• Figuring out if you’re in an oversaturated market

• How to handle a limited budget

• Understanding if you’ve got the personality for this mompreneurship gig

• Dealing with time constraints

• Addressing childcare concerns, and more.

Module 4 | The Family Effect

This module will help you assuage mom guilt and help you create that coveted balance (the right way).

• How one mom’s business empowered her son for a lifetime

• Understanding the sacrifices that may pop up

• How to make time for everything that matters

• Getting that oh-so-important family ‘buy-in’

• How to engage and involve your family

• Time management hacks

• Creating a contingency plan

• Semi-annual reviews, and more.

Module 5 | Business Essentials

This module is all about building the RIGHT plan and setting it in motion. Including how to figure out:

• Your business model (including a printable template to use)

• Your niche

• Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

• Your sales channels

• Customer relationships

• Revenue Streams

• Key resources

• Activities to keep you moving forward

• Beneficial partnerships

• Cost structure

Plus, we define and show you how to professionally structure and build: 

• Your mission statement

• Your elevator pitch

• Your business plan (with a workbook)

• Your payment gateways (The safest, more secure ways to get paid online that protect both you and the customer)

Module 6  | Branding

This super-comprehensive module covers the gamut with branding. As a branding expert, I share insights on how to develop an intentional brand- not just any brand. We’ll also delve into:

• Purposeful planning

• The importance of controlling your brand

• Mastering the nine keys of any intentional brand

Then, we’ll walk you through:

• Developing a brand statement

• Finding (and trademarking) the perfect name for your venture

• Creating an ideal tag line

• How and where to register your business name

• How to build an effective online empire

• Securing a domain name (even when yours is taken)

• Choosing a URL that both your right people AND search engines will love

• Setting up your tax information

Module 7 | Setting Up Shop

This module will walk you through one of the scariest things a new business owner faces: hanging their shingle and launching their new venture out into the world.  This segment covers the gamut including:

• The WordPress vs Shopify debate (and which is right for your unique business model)

• Finding the perfect hosting company so your site stays up and you aren’t overpaying (Hint: LOTS of hosts overcharge and under deliver. Buyer beware.)

• How to lay out your website strategically so you have a smooth purchase path

• How to lay out your website visually to best appeal to visitors

• What pages you should include in your online digs (including templates to flex and use!)

• Google Analytics, mailing lists, email signatures, a media kit, your policies, and beyond…

They’re all covered here, along with lots of other gotta-knows about getting your website up and running the RIGHT way, the first time.

Module 8 | Stocking Up

In this section we’ll share insights on how to fill your shop with products and/or services that work for your business. Including:

• The 4 types of things you can offer

• How to categorize them for maximum impact on your site

• Setting up an efficient purchase path

• Adding inventory

Then we’ll cover:


• Professional sales and marketing copywriting tips designed to move your items

• What the 5 Ws are and why you need to know them

• Three effective, proven writing formulas

• How to use your voice in your writing

• Editing tips the pros use


• Why professional images make all the difference

• Cropping tips

• How to create the Beauty Shot

• Lighting advice, and other necessities that the best photographers use when shooting professional images for online shops.

You’ll be looking like a pro in no time with these tips.


This section covers pricing tips for product sellers, handmade sellers and artisans, as well as service providers. We’ll talk about:

• What to charge so your items sell and you make a profit

• How to stay in line with marketplace pricing

• How to determine what your hourly rate should be

• Six distinct, separate pricing strategies. You can use one or a combination of them. The workbook has formulas (with examples) to help you input your own numbers and like magic, your pricing appears.

Module 9 |  Marketing + PR

This one is a biggie. Packed with everything you need to know about marketing your business and getting the right kind of PR (inexpensively + sometimes, free!)  Inside are tips on:

• Presenting your business to the world

• How identifying voids in the marketplace will help you shine

• How to get referrals and testimonials (including templates and worksheets to help)

• Non-sleazy networking (even for you introverts!)

• The importance of pitching yourself and staying true to your brand throughout it all

• How to ‘do’ social media on a budget, including specific tips for each platform

• Pitching your products to celebrities (including a link to a free proven pitch letter)

• Connecting with influencers in your marketplace

• How to build your email list with new email subscribers (the right ones!)

Then we delve into PR and talk about:

• Getting editorial media coverage

• Press releases

• Tips on how to pitch your story and brand to a PR firm

We finish up this section with:

• An in-depth interview with Ann Noder, CEO of Pitch Public Relations PR Firm. She’s our go-to gal for all things PR.  She details everything you need to know about PR, including her insider secrets,  so you’ll walk away feeling like a pro and confident in your next steps.

Module 10 | Be Well And Prosper

This module is an important one. It covers how to keep yourself healthy mentally and physically throughout it all. Running a business is great, but without your health, it means nothing.

Inside, we’ll share: 

• Our best tips on staying in tip top shape along your journey

• The importance of healthy foods and regular exercise

• How to boost productivity with the right lifestyle

• How to build great habits

• Pitfalls you may fall into

• We’re all a little different when it comes to what we need and health is a very personal thing, so we added loads of links to relevant outside articles. You can pick and choose the ones that speak to you so you can do some further reading on those topics.

At the end you’ll also find:

• Your invitation to our private Mastermind group, Momentum (a $97 value), and

• Exactly how to make some money (ahem, about $100 a pop) just by recommending this course to others. Refer 4 people and your course pays for itself. You can’t beat it!

+ + P L U S + +


You get FOUR bonus guides.

• A Complete Course Workbook to use throughout the course. It’s got charts aplenty along with space to record your answers, take notes, and reflect back on as you move forward.

• You also get the Ideal Customer Avatar Worksheet. It’s a 5-page form to help you distill your right people down to your most likely to buy contingent.

• You’ll also get a Business Plan Template. No more guesswork. Just fill it in to keep yourself accountable and on track. Tweak as necessary.

• Finally, you’ll find a copy of our giant Resources Guide. It’s packed with our favorite tools to help you with everything from productivity to profitability and beyond.

This course truly has EVERYTHING you need to get your business up and running and keep it sustainable and scaleable for years to come.

Before you know it, you’ll be a whiz at:
    • Utilizing your personal motivations to keep you going through the tough times


    • Getting your family to understand and support you.


    • Prioritizing Business Mom, Social Mom, Family Mom, and Mom Mom – without any of them killing each other!


    • Understanding the nitty-gritty of your home-business life while steering clear of mommy burnout


    • How to set up your new business so it’s a lasting success


    • Keeping your mind and body in shape through it all



Let’s do it. CLICK HERE to check it out.

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