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Is business slow?
Do you need more exposure?
Are you trying to expand your reach?
Are you looking for more creative products and services?
Are you interested in making some side cash?

The field of professional photography is growing by leaps and bounds. With all that competition, shutterbugs need more ways to bring in more money.

While it’s true that an increasingly diluted marketplace brings its own set of challenges, it can also present opportunities to separate yourself from the pack and make money doing so.

Passive Income

Even when you’re doing everything right, you’re still apt to suffer some slow times. Without steady, guaranteed revenue to count on, even the best photographers can find themselves strapped for cash every now and then.

Peripheral Vision helps both professional and aspiring professional photographers monetize their talents and maximize their money making abilities. Inside, you’ll get viable, proven suggestions on how to capitalize on your creativity and boost your bottom line through effective passive income streams. Many of these strategies sell themselves, most with very little time investment from you.

This multifold model provides a vast landscape of possibility. Combining your current earnings with secondary sources will help you reach above and beyond the ‘time for money’ model as you increase your income and your exposure right along with it.

Peripheral Vision has everything you need to take your photography business to the next level and beyond.

Inside you’ll learn:

    • how to get YOUR work featured on top stock photography sites
    • how to create packages that sell
    • how to develop income streams that work for you behind the scenes, 24/7
    • how to expand a single product into a huge money making machine through passive income streams
    • how to get paid what you’re worth
    • how to get your work in front of more people than ever before

and more…


Say hello to ‘Peripheral Vision’ | The Mogul Mom

Within these pages you’ll find viable, proven suggestions on how to capitalize on your creativity and utilize your professional skills to boost your bottom line.

Many of these strategies sell themselves, most with very little time investment from you.


And it’s not just an informational guide. It’s packed with:


    • Instructional how-tos


    • Valuable suggestions


    • Direct links to helpful resources


  • Gorgeous graphics


This truly is the ultimate photographer’s guide to creating multiple streams of income.

From aspiring shutterbugs to old pros, if you’re a photographer, you really don’t want to miss this.
Stop leaving money on the table.

Grab your copy today for just $27!

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“Thanks so much for such an awesome guide! It was just what I needed to make that next move! There is so much information packed into this one PDF it’s really just amazing! The portion that really spoke to me was chapter 7: Taking Stock!

While Stock photography has always been interesting to me, I never considered actually becoming a contributor until now! Thank you so much for gathering all this information together and for providing quick and easy links to get started! I’ve challenged myself to contribute to 3 of these stock photography sites! I started with Shutterstock, the big guns … (you know, why start small when you go big) … and what do you know, they accepted me to be a contributor. Now on to the next stock photography company … istockphoto!

Here’s the thing about stock photography … in my everyday photography life I am shooting craft books for artist and publishers and people for a modeling agency. When I’m not shooting for ‘work’ I’m out shooting just for fun. Well now my ‘just for fun’ photography has become my stock photography with purpose and the potential to earn a little income!

Here’s another great thing about Peripheral Vision … I go to photography conventions and some of the seminars I attend are on these EXACT subjects, except that I always forget the info because the speaker is talking so fast, trying to get all the info out in a limited amount of time. With this PDFI can review all the advice and click through to the links at my leisure! A truly great collection for the seasoned photographer and for the beginner! Thank you!” -Cynthia Shaffer, Cynthia Shaffer Photography

“This guide was exactly what I was searching for! I needed ideas and direction to help promote my work and create other avenues of income from what I’ve already established! I needed that extra push to gain momentum in the editorial world. If you are a photographer who has a solid portfolio, but is looking to maximize your talent, then this e-book is for you!” -Terah Ware, Era Everlasting Photography

“A great resource for any photographer (or other artist) out there looking to find new ways to monetize their photos. Whether creating passive income using, as she calls it ‘the Evergreen’ approach, or teaming up with editors and designers to share royalty commissions, Melissa explains everything in fine detail with up-to-date links and hints on how to succeed in each endeavor.” –Marcos Carvalho

“Making a living with your photography is more possible than ever. The Peripheral Vision guide is essential for newbies who want to learn to create multiple income streams and go pro doing something they love.” –Christine Rose Elle

“Melissa’s wonderful guide has proven to be an essential resource to me, not only as a photographer but as a businesswoman as well. Melissa helps you to work smarter, not harder, and the results you will see from implementing her advice are absolutely invaluable. I cannot recommend this book strongly enough.” –Anne Lorys



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